Our Story

Your home tells your story…why not make it as chic as you!

A background in interior designing and a penchant for turning imaginations into tangible products using natural materials, Vinee Patel started The V Design in 2016. Based in Ahmedabad, The V Design curates artisan products for your home by combining modern designs with eco-friendly materials.

With a distinct aesthetic, our exclusive designs showcase timeless styles inspired by our love for artistry.

_#VocalforLocal_ Our fine collection of products are handcrafted by local artisans using wood sourced from different parts of India.

The V of V Design - Vinee Patel Vinee draws her inspiration from her Dad who spent a significant amount of his time decorating each and every corner of his house. This got Vinee inclined to interior designing. While beautifying homes, Vinee always wanted to combine natural elements with contemporary designs. Working with wood, terrazzo, etc. got her interested in designing tableware for herself which led her to learn the nitty-gritty of product designing; and voila, The V-Design was born to define beautiful tablescapes!!

Vinee feels that the dining table is often an empty space and accessorizing it with stylish wares echoes elevated dining.